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What is spray tanning about?

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. How do self-tanning products change the color of my skin?
Are they safe?

A. The key ingredient of many effective self-tanning products is a ingredient derived from sugar called dihydroxyacetone, or DHA.

It works by reacting with amino acids in the dead cells of the thin, outermost layer of the skin, called the stratum corneum, to produce pigments called melanoidins. The color lasts three to seven days, until those cells are sloughed off.

Using products with DHA to get a tan is safer than sun exposure. DHA is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is considered safe by most dermatologists, but only when the products are used as approved.

They should be applied only to the surface of the skin, avoiding eyes, lips and mucous membranes. Spray-tanning booths are not recommended, even when nose plugs and goggles are used. We highly recommend custom spray tanning that has ventilation and custom application.

Check Us Out!

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The Best Tanning in Rochester

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SPRAY is dedicated to being the best tanning in Rochester. See below just why!


Rochester’s first spray tan only salon! Our staff has over 10 years experience offering you the best tans in Rochester, guaranteed
SPRAY is an innovative tanning spa that specializes in the art and science of sunless tanning. Our mission is to provide clients with a consistent, natural looking spray tan that is perfectly customized to individual skin type and personal preference. We stand behind our top-notch services with guaranteed satisfaction! Our quality is second to none offering you the best Spray Tan in Rochester NY!

Our extensive knowledge and expertise allows us to offer a variety of options with the highest training and experience around! We proudly offer a wide variety of sunless solutions, allowing us to perfectly customize each and every airbrush tan to each individual skin type and personal preference! Our flawless application accompanied with the customized solutions provide you the most natural flawless sunless tan!
SPRAY works hand in hand with owners of the top sunless companies in the industry! Giving us cutting edge application and sunless knowledge!

Furthering our training and sunless knowledge our SPRAY technicians have been trained by the most elite in California, Colorado, Tennessee, and Illinois. Keeping up to date with new trends and techniques making SPRAY the most predominant sunless salon in Upstate NY!

☼The founder and owner of SPRAY started off as a mobile business that quickly grew into the very successful SPRAY Spa, our clients come from all over NY and even the US to get a perfected spray tan, providing the best tanning in rochester. The owner of SPRAY learned very early on in her career that Rochester needed a go to place for some healthy color and found it difficult to obtain adequate training from anyone here in Rochester so she ventured across the country to the top go to celebrity spray techs! She has perfected her trade training others here in Rochester and venturing into sunless training nationwide. Our customized airbrush tans speak for themselves! ‘There’s No Tan Like a SPRAY Tan!”

We are the ONLY salon in Rochester that offers JUST custom spray tanning! We Only Do Custom Spray Tans, and We Do Them Flawlessly!


SPRAY’s tanning mist produces flawless skin & provides an even coverage to your face and body which helps to disguise the visual effects of fine lines, age spots, discoloration, blemishes and acne scars on the face as well as conceal cellulite, freckling, spider and varicose veins on the body. The best tanning in Rochester!

Cant Tone it? Tan it!

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We now exclusively offer contouring! In just 20 minutes or less you can fake months at the gym. We are the only salon in upstate ny to offer this mastered technique. Whether your getting ready for bathing suit season, going on vacation, getting married, having a night out we are ready to make you look your absolutely best and more! Call and book your custom spray tan and contouring today 872-3893

Pros and Cons of Spray Tanning in Rochester NY

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Pros and Cons of Spray Tanning in Rochester NY

If you compare spray tanning to other forms of self tanning products like lotions, creams, gels, and mousses, you’ll definitely see some differences with spray tanning in Rochester NY.

But before we go over these differences, keep one thing in mind.

All forms of self tanning and spray tanning use the exact same active ingredient, DHA.  But that doesn’t mean you’ll get the same results with any old product that has DHA in it (believe me)!

That said, let’s go over some of the benefits of spray tanning in Rochester NY.

First and foremost, spray tanning is easy.

Once you’ve prepared, you just go to a tanning salon or have someone come to your house.

The booth or technician then sprays your entire body with a fine mist.  Once you blend it in a little, that’s it, you’re done!

It’s definitely a little easier and less time-consuming than spreading a lotion or gel all over your body.

Another benefit of spray tanning is the fact that it dries quicker than many self tanning products.

That means it’s less likely to get all over your clothes, your bed, and your partner!

As for the color achieved with spray tanning, that varies from person to person.

Some people like the color and evenness you get with spray tanning, others think self tanning lotions and gels are better.

Because everyone has slightly different skin chemistry, you’ll really need to experiment a bit to see what works best for you.

Ok those are what people like about spray tanning in Rochester NY.  Here’s what they don’t…3picsbeforeafter

The biggest drawback to getting a spray tan is the cost.

One session can cost anywhere from $25 to $50, and even higher in many places.

That’s quite a bit more expensive, per tan, than using self tanning lotions and creams at home.  We’re talking 4-5 times more expensive!

One of the other things people don’t like about spray tanning is the inconvenience of either going to a tanning salon or scheduling an appointment for someone to come to your house.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but driving to a salon every week or few days can be a pain!

And when you’re done you have to put back on your clothes and get in a car, all with that tanning solution all over your body.

It’s not a deal killer, but it’s something to keep in mind. Please book today for your spray tanning in Rochester NY

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