Spray Tanning Prices & Details


– Base Prices –

Full Body (any solution color) $43
Student Discount (17 & under) $ 33
Lower Body Only (legs) $28
Upper Body Only (waist up) $28
Face & Neck Only $15

Add Contouring (Body)  +$45

Competition Color:

We provide the best competition color here in Rochester! With over 10 years experience and patented color available only at SPRAY. We know the dedication and hard work put into your physique and want to provide you the absolute best stage ready color.

We guaranteed you will love your results!

Flat Rate (unlimited coats): $95



Bridal Tan Package (Consultation, Trial Tan, Bridal Shower Tan, Bachelorette Party Tan, Wedding Day Tan, Honeymoon Tan, and Prep Spray for Each Tan): $199


Buy 3 Tans  $110 $99 limited time offer!
Buy 5 Tans -$160
Buy 10 Tans -$270



Packages are sold per person are non-transferable and expire one year from purchase date. Special promos are sold per person are non-transferable and expire 3 months from purchase date. No cash/credit refund store credit only.

Gift Certificates are non-refundable non-transferable and expire 1 year from the purchase date. Donation gift cards expire 3 months from event.

Restrictions may apply

-Add Ons-

Body Contouring (Consult required) +$35

DHA Boosters (dark enhancement) +$15

Double Application in One Session +$15

Pre-Tan (PH Balancer-Tanning Prep)+$8

Moisture Lock Spray (Locks in color eliminates odor and hydrates skin)+$8

Add Liquid Shimmer (Temporary)$12

Express Solution (Must rinse after 2-3 hours) +$15

Scent Free (For sensitive dry skin) +$15


VIP Membership Basic Membership
Unlimited spray tans $160 $99

Basic Membership
2 Spray Tans Per Month$80 $59

*Memberships require a three month minimum

-Spray Tan Parties-

Host a spray tan party at the salon or at your home! If you host a party with 5 or more people your tan is FREE! Group discounted rates please call about hosting your party today and discounted pricing.** Host a party in the month of July and receive a FREE gift and your tan is FREE no matter the amount of people!**


Benefits of a Custom Spray Tan

No orange, no streaks!

  • Safe tanning is sunless tanning
  • Look great and avoid the dangers of tanning from UV sun rays or tanning beds with a spray tan
  • One-on-one personalized service by a trained technician in a modern spa setting
  • You can completely relax and enjoy the process without having to worry about breathing in harmful chemicals
  • Our revolutionary airbrush spray technology produces very little “over-spray” and is coupled with a cutting-edge air purification system during your treatment, ensuring that you won’t have to breathe in anything harmful.
  • Premium quality custom-blended spray tan formula.
  • Expert application of micro-fine mist that goes on flawlessly, giving you that perfect glow.

We Are The Only Spray Tanning Only Salon for Spray Tanning Rochester New York!

Disadvantages of Booth Spray Tans (Such as Mystic Tan Booths, Versa Spa  etc.)

  • You stand in an enclosed booth typically with inadequate ventilation, which could be dangerous to your health
  • You have to “hold your breath for 60 seconds” during your automated spray…doesn’t that tell you something?
  • You come out feeling wet (yikes!) and sometimes even have to towel off the excess solution off your body
  • They use low-quality spray tan solutions, and that is why it is so cheap • One size fits all application… no two people are alike, so how is this even possible?
  • Streaky, Orange-Looking skin. For those of you that can easily spot a “fake tan,” more often than not it is from a booth spray tan

Before & After Care


  • Shower as close to your spray sessions as possible. This makes the skin nice and clean, helping the spray absorb into your skin.
  • Exfoliate your skin within 12 hours prior to your sunless tanning application to smooth skin for even tanning results.
  • Shave at least 6 hours before your sunless tanning session. It is best to wait four days after waxing prior to sunless tanning.
  • Do NOT moisturize skin prior to your sunless tanning session. Lotions can create barriers, preventing the absorption of sunless tanning solutions and products. Remove makeup prior to sunless tanning too.
  • Wear dark, loose-fitting clothes. Sunless solution washes out of most clothes but could wipe off on lighter clothes. Do not wear wool, nylon, or silk during or after your sunless application for at least 8 hours.

During & After

  • When sprayed, you may wear as little or as much as is comfortable. Clothing is typically not required. However, for male clients who are sprayed by a female technician, clothing must be worn.
  • Wait at least 8 hours before you shower or wear anything tight after your application.
  • Do not moisturize until after your first shower.
  • Do not swim for 8 hours after your sunless tanning session.
  • Wait at least 8 hours before you exercise.
  • Do NOT exfoliate for at least 48 hours after your application.
  • Your first shower should gentle, no rough scrubbing.

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− Joseph Ignizio

"Being an esthetician, I know being in the sun is not good for you, but I love being tan!! I have gotten several custom spray tans at Spray and I love it!! My whole experience there was excellent! The staff was very professional and knowledgeable! I would recommend Spray sunless tanning salon to all my clients!!! "

− Robin Pagano

" SPRAY has proven to me to be the most HONEST most experienced sunless salon in ROCHESTER with perfect natural tans! I have been sprayed by katie and i am extremely happy with the results. I was sprayed by another sunless salon a few times and when they made a mistake and gave me a horrible tan, i gave them the opportunity in good faith to fix it. I was very disappointed when they wouldnt help me or even fix their mistake and turned me away. That is when I went to SPRAY and Katie fixed their bad tan. I am so thankful for her and now I will ALWAYS go to spray for my sunless spray tans!"

− Heather

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