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Sunless tanning is considered the application of a natural product that is applied to the skin to produce an effect similar in appearance to a natural suntan. The popularity in sunless tanning services has grown over the past 30 years as an increase in concern about sun exposure, the health risks of tanning beds, and the “Hollywood” factor. Originally in a lotion/cream form, sunless tanning products are now found in gels, mousses, sprays, and professional applications.
This process involves a liquid solution to be applied evenly to the skin, allowed to set and dry, and then rinsed off after development.

Hand-held spray tanning machines generally use HVLP technology. However, these machines have utilized airbrush technology in the past. HVLP machines allow for a faster and more precise application of the product to the skin. The machines also only require the technician to use one to two ounces of product for the treatment. Solutions tend to dry instantly when they are applied and no protective gear is recommended or required.

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