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We arE Rochesters best voted #1 spray tan salon! We have over 14 years experience and have sprayed over 10,000 happy people and thousands more each and every year. We love custom spray tanning and you can see it in our flawless work!

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Customized spray tanning is really the only way to tan. We say this because it’s the healthiest alternative and it keeps you looking young as the UV damage from tanning beds and the sun are erased from the equation.

YOU are what WE are all about. Your confidence soars when you see yourself tanned. You look thinner, feel sexier and it boosts your confidence. Everyone looks better with a kiss of color. A SPRAY tan can be that amazing!

Your experience is so non intimidating that you’ll wonder why you even considered being nervous. People trying their first SPRAY tan usually arrive very skeptical. When they leave 10 minutes later the concern is replaced by a great look and a confident smile. Warning our spray tans are that great they become addicting!

Undoubtedly you’ve seen what a bad spray tan looks like. It is very important that a strong, positive reputation be associated with custom spray tanning because it’s its the best healthiest option. That's where SPRAY Sunless Tanning Spa comes in. Years of research have brought us to the best tanning system application knowledge and experience. We provide the most amazing, natural looking solution and perfection in the art of customizing your spray tan.

We know you have numerous spray tan options to choose from. Whether you just want to try a spray tan or you’re interested in a business relationship, know that your trust in us is well placed.

Call SPRAY the best #1 salon for your custom spray tan.. your body will thank you!


Get to know The Spray Diva who brought custom spray tanning to Rochester, NY: Spray tanning expert Katie Adkins is the innovative mind behind the first most recognized custom spray tan only salon in Rochester NY. Known as the Spray Diva. She has been proudly serving Rochester for a decade. Katie is one of the most experienced spray tan artists with over 12 years experience. What became a hobby of hers over a decade ago, turned into one of the fastest growing businesses in Rochester. She started off spraying friends and family out of her home for fun, then soon the demand became overwhelming. So she then  decided to dive all in and take her passion to a new level. She sought after the most reputable sunless tanning company for nearly a year and was incredibly blessed and lucky to work with Rick Norvell, owner of the largest national tanning company in the US Norvell Tanning. She traveled the US furthering her sunless training and knowledge. Still until this day Katie furthers her sunless knowledge of sunless solutions, cutting edge technology, exclusive technique and more.  In 2009 after working hand and hand with Norvell and other sunless tanning companies. And after hundreds of spray tan applications, Katie took a big risk and opened SPRAY Sunless Tanning Spa Rochester's  first, original "spray tan only" salon. Katie has become the most sought after spray tan artist in Upstate NY(clients have traveled over an hour and a half and as far as California to be sprayed by Katie). Katie has undoubtedly perfected the custom spray tan, spraying locals models (print, fashion, commercial, fitness, body builders). actors, models, professionals, brides grooms, everyday tans and the list is endless. Using an all natural high grade vitamin enriched solution that is nourishing to the skin, Katie combines specialty techniques that contour each and every body (all ages and body type) with absolute perfection. Katie's extensive knowledge and expertise allows has led her into to training others in the art of custom spray tanning nation wide. SPRAY proudly offers a wide variety of all natural, shades, developing options of sunless solutions. These things have exclusively allowed Katie and SPRAY to perfectly customize each and every spray tan to each and every individual skin type and personal preference! Her flawless application accompanied with the customized solutions provide all the most natural flawless sunless tan! She stands behind each and every spray tan application with guaranteed satisfaction!
She has been featured on News Channel 10 NBC, News Channel 13 ABC, Democrat and Chronicle, Webster Post, Webster Chamber of Commerce, and more. She works with many local dermatology offices, spas, businesses including Helendale Dermatology and Inclusion Wellness Spa. She has written for and been interviewed by local wedding magazines, fitness magazines, health articles, etc. SPRAY Sunless Tanning Spa is featured locally throughout multiple doctor offices, dermatology offices, spas, yoga studios, gyms, news rooms, and has affiliates across the USA and Canada. If you would like to see for yourself why SPRAY and Katie have been voted #1, the most sought after spray tan salon/artist call today 872-3893

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