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Get to know us and Spray tanning in Rochester NY

Welcome to the wonderful world of customized, sunless tanning!

Customized spray tanning is really the only way to tan. We say this because it’s the healthiest alternative and it keeps you looking young as the UV damage from tanning beds and the sun are erased from the equation.

YOU are what WE are all about. Your confidence soars when you see yourself tanned. You look thinner, feel healthier and your daily life improves. A SPRAY tan can be that amazing!

Your experience is so non intimidating that you’ll wonder why you even considered being nervous. People trying their first SPRAY tan usually arrive very skeptical. When they leave 10 minutes later the concern is replaced by a great look and a confident smile. Warn your loved ones that you’re about to be very sassy and beautifully tanned!

Undoubtedly you’ve seen what a bad spray tan looks like. It is very important that a strong, positive reputation be associated with sunless spray tanning because it’s so good for you. That’s where SPRAY Sunless Tanning Spa comes in. Years of research have brought us to the best tanning system, the most amazing, natural looking solution and perfection in the art of customizing a tan on your skin.

We know you have numerous spray tan options to choose from. Whether you just want to try a spray tan or you’re interested in a business relationship, know that your trust in us is well placed. Call SPRAY for your custom spray tan.. your body will thank you! We guarantee the best highest quality custom tanning Rochester Ny!

Thank you and take care!

~SPRAY Sunless Tanning Spa

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