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What is really in our tanning solution?

The active ingredient used is derived from sugar whereas other tanning solutions on the market are derived from beets, carrots, or cocoa resulting in orange or grey undertones. Our spray tans are similar to the oxidisation process of an apple. An apple browns as it is exposed to air, the same thing will happen with a spray tan.


So not only does it have the best color, it doesn’t have an unpleasant odor. In fact, our clients rave about how subtle and nice the tan smells. Our exclusive spray tan solution is also infused with aloe vera and moisturizing botanicals, meaning it won’t dry out your skin like other spray tan products do. Due to our moisturizing agents, your sprat tan will fade like a natural tan would, not uneven or splotchy. We’ve also the only tanning salon in Rochester to offer prep pH spray (a liquid spray applied to your skin prior to you tan application) it neutralizes balances the amino acids in your skin the active ingredient DHA. This helps prep your skin, a prime. A great option to use if you havent prepped the day of. We also offer a post spray, our FAVORITE! This spray locks in your tan, hydrates your skin, helps eliminate any odor, and every client who has used it raves about it and report it made their tan last 3 days longer! Dont worry neither is necessary! They are add ons we call the works similar to a hair conditioning treatment with your hair appointment.

** All things spray tanning we love its our passion and we love discussing, educating. Please feel free to ask any questions!

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Happy Tanning!

Katie Owner & Spray Tan Specialist

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